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Jul. 9th, 2009

10:02 pm - Torchwood

NO!!!!!!! IANTO JONES!!!!!!

Sorry. Just, oh, Ianto...

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Jan. 10th, 2009

12:20 am - Oh my goodness...

I know. Two posts in two weeks. Has to be some kind of record for me! I hope the New Year has got off to a good start for everyone on my flist. I'm fine, very busy but fine. Could do with more sleep, but that would mean less reading time and I just can't be having that!

I read some actual books again (I KNOW!), one of which was Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. It was brilliant. He has said that this is the book he's been wanting to write always but never felt he was quite good enough to do it justice; I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. What was the first thing I did upon finishing it? Yes, I went looking for fics and actually found 2, courtesy of

[info]femmequixotic. But I have no time for another fandom! I promised I would try to get over to Eskimo Kiss Project, where they tell me that wall-slamming is canon (and the boys are SO pretty), so I must do that first *is determined*. 

The Masterlist is up at HD Holidays. That just flew past, didn't it? There were some outstandingly good stories in this year's round. My favourites, in no particular order, were: 

For the Public Good by [info]blamebrampton. A wonderful story which reminded me a little of Corridors of Power with its very Englishness and political detail. Harry is an auror, seconded to Downing Street after the July 2005 bombings, while Draco has been placed in the Communications Office. Draco is just how I like him to be, funny, sarcastic and charming. The main plot is about a 'terrorist' whose only aim is for the Muggle world to finally notice that magic is real. There's a wonderful scene with Lucius and Narcissa (‘It’s nice to see they’re not actively evil anymore,’ Harry said, reassuringly. ‘Oh they are,’ Malfoy corrected. ‘They’ve just narrowed their focus.’) and a lovely exchange when they finally get their act together (Malfoy: ‘What more were you waiting for? I felt you up in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury.’  Harry: ‘I thought you were being ironic.’) I can't recommend this fic enough. Read it!

Once Upon A Time, Yesterday by [info]femmequixotic, in which Harry is practically an alcoholic when he meets Draco again and attempts to pick up the threads of their pre-marriage relationship (oh yeah, forgot. This is epilogue compliant.) It doesn't go smoothly, there are jealousies, accidents and misunderstandings. A really good, satisfying story.

Father of the Bride by [info]novembersnow. Lily is marrying Scorpius (what? Isn't he always gay now?) and Harry's wedding planning coincides with his investigating the Malfoys in connection with potions smuggling or similar. I really, really liked this one, but my fingers are tired so I'll just say, again, read it!

There were more that I liked too, but I'm tired now! I did read some het(!) and have a rec from sshg_exchange for you. There's not much romance and what little there is is saved for the end, but what a cracking story The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies is! There's a serial killer, a necromancer, a brilliantly written Hermione and Pansy/Ron which is FTW!!!

Thank goodness it's the weekend! We have to take the terrible twosome for haircuts in the morning, which I am dreading, but then I shall do as little as possible all afternoon. Mr Riss can take them out!



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Dec. 31st, 2008

11:20 pm - Happy New Year!

There are less than 30 minutes of 2008 left, so I thought I'd just say Happy New Year to everyone on my flist. It's been a funny old year, full of ups and downs, with a few fantastic bits squeezed in. I've met some super people, both here and on LJ, who have enriched my life this year. Every time I read my Friends page it lifts my spirits; I read the stories you wonderfully talented people write, look at the art you produce, hear about your lives and am thankful that I've found you all. God, I'm getting soppy now... and I've not had a drink yet! 

I wish you all every happiness for the coming year!

And [info]lilithilien- are you sure I have time for another fandom??? I should make that my New Year's resolution, to head over to Eskimo Kiss. I think I may do that! You, Shelly and Johnny can't all be wrong...

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Sep. 24th, 2008

06:13 pm - Autumn? Already?

Lord, it's been so long since I posted and I promised myself I would post at least once a week. Truly, I am made of fail. I really don't know where the time has gone!

The boys are back at school - wahey! - and I am back to providing the after-school taxi service as they attend various clubs and activities. On the plus side, it means I get.... nope, there's no plus side. I'm just constantly tired. But happy! I keep smiling. One thing that made me smile was a parcel full of chocolate and Lassy Mogs from the lovely Lilithilien. We can't get Lassy Mogs here and she's gone and got me addicted to them. Her trip to London in March, when she says she's only bringing carry-on? I'm going to try and persuade her to just bring the Lassy Mogs and buy new stuff to wear once she's here... I mean, who needs to pack clothes, anyway?

My elder boy Joe is making his First Holy Communion this year, and as part of the programme they insist that we attend Mass together weekly and he takes part in a sort of study group. I've always been a Christmas, Easter, hatched, matched and despatched mass attendee until now, but I'm finding the whole thing rather... comforting, I think is the word. I don't give a hoot about religious affiliations, you could be a practising Jedi for all I care, but I find myself drawing something from mass that I've obviously been lacking. Ooh, serious thinky thoughts - that's not like me at all.


I've been doing a lot of reading, but I think I shall do a separate recs post or I won't do them justice. However, those of you that like the PWP should head over to

[info]pushdragon's journal and read the sequel to Tale of Horns,   Mating rituals of the winged predator - how Mr February got everything he wanted .  She says it begs the question - can there be such a thing as too much porn? The answer is no, not when it's as well-written and character-driven as this. You need to read it. Now. 

I'm rather jealous of Omarandjohnny's costume that she's making. I wish I had some sewing skills, I really do. The work that's gone into it is just unbelievable and I can't wait to see the end result. It's been fascinating seeing it come together step by step.

Another thing I'm jealous of is that certain people got to go and see Dan!cock, sorry, I mean Equus, in NY. BUT did you see that interview he did, " I lost my virginity to a much older woman"?? Come on, own up. Which one of you was it?? *glares suspiciously at Flist*  'Cos it sure as hell wasn't me or I'd be shouting it to the F-locked roof tops. Who said jailbait? Was that you, at the back?

Right, I'm off to collect all my recent recs together so I might get round to posting them soon. Maybe. Fingers crossed!

PS - I watched the first of the new season of Supernatural. Wonderful. I need those Winchester boys now, please. Preferably naked.


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Aug. 26th, 2008

06:17 pm - Busy, busy, busy

Another busy week in the Riss household. I feel like I've never stopped rushing about this week - work, kids, school, family, doctor...

My back is much better this week so I've taken less drugs and am more mobile. Just starting a week of holiday now, so hopefully I'll feel loads better by the end of this week. It was our Wedding Anniversary on Saturday (I was a child-bride, honestly, I'm not old!) and my lovely parents volunteered to take the kids for the day. It was so nice! We went out for the day and it was so nice not havng to keep tabs on the boys all the time. We haven't had a whole day alone together since our first Demon was born 7 years ago. God, I'm getting all soppy, but it made me remember why I married him all over again. *blushes with embarrassment at sheer soppiness*

 So, it's almost time for BBTP. I'm really looking forward to it! As a relative latecomer to IJ's proverbial party I managed to miss it completely last year, so I've been reading the 2007 masterlist in preparation for this year's event. I might even have managed to write some porn myself... If you start running now you might just manage to avoid my dreadful attempts. There's no shame in blatant PWP, is there? *sniggers* Only, there's a distinct lack of any sort of plot...

I have started my Christmas Shopping!!!! I love being Santa, spend ages planning my boys' stockings, and they're almost done. You can get so much more cool stuff now than you could when I was a kid. Today's purchase - Indiana Jones dress-up costume, complete with sound-effect whip. Fantastic. I had to take it away from Mr Riss, he was having Far Too Much Fun with it. I love Christmas. Can I put my tree up yet?

In other news, I'm almost at the end of my Buffy marathon. The Body made me cry again. Spike and Buffy having hot wild rough sex and almost knocking the house down made me...well, you get the picture! God, I love James Marsters. 'Compact and muscular', to quote Xander, and those cheekbones... 'Out. For. A. Walk. .... Bitch.' made me laugh myself silly again. Oh, Joss, how I hope Dollhouse is as well-written...

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Aug. 17th, 2008

10:47 pm - I'm having a Buffy-fest...

God, the week I've had. Work has been a complete nightmare, home has been hectic and to top it all off I've been in pain all week, which really hasn't helped. I have a fairly serious back problem, have had for 11 years, and most of the time the pain is low-level, I don't really feel it anymore. Huge amounts of physio have helped me to build columns of muscle either side of my spine to help support me and I usually don't bother with painkillers. This week, I sneezed once and that was it. Massive muscle spasms, pain in my arms, my neck and what felt like a lead-weight at the base of my spine. It hurt more than natural childbirth. Needless to say, I reached straight for the meds. Aren't opiates wonderful things?  

I've worked part-time from home this week but the phone has never stopped. It's been "Larissa, sorry to disturb you, but..." So to keep me occupied and away from the phone, my wonderful husband declared the whole week to be my Buffy-fest week. (Last time it was this bad, I worked my way through every series of The West Wing.) I'm just starting Season 5 tonight, having watched them all in order. I had forgotten how truly bad season 4 was, even allowing for Spike. Surprisingly, though, they haven't dated too badly and definitely bear watching again. 

It's my beloved's birthday today, he's now the same age as me and thus unable to torment me about being his older woman. I swear, he enjoys those 2 months of every year more than the others put together! We had a gorgeous chocolate birthday cake....mmmm...chocolate.... which reminds me - I have some Bournville chocolate here for a certain lady who should mail me her address sharpish before the chocolate mysteriously disappears. 

The reveals are up in the AS/S Fest over on LJ, confirming that the lovely Blamebrampton wrote Snatched, which I rec'd a few weeks ago. It's a wonderful story with a hint of H/D goodness at the end. There have been some great fics in this fest; well worth a tootle over for a peep at the masterlist.

There are loads of memes flying about as usual and I've been tagged several times with the 'You make my day' one. I'm pants, can't choose and most of the people I would tag have already done it anyway. So I'd like to say that all my Flist make my day. You are all wonderful and all special in so many ways. You've all helped IJ feel like home to me - it's so much friendlier over here. So thank you all. *snuggles flist*

I could keep talking all night for some reason, but I shall go and find some porn to read instead. That always helps... ;-)


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Aug. 8th, 2008

11:12 am - Well hai thar

I haven't been around much lately; the hard-drive failed on my laptop (it sounded like a bag of spanners! Thank God I had everything backed-up...) so while I was waiting for a replacement I had to beg Mr Riss for time on his computer (which he uses for work)...
I ended up actually reading a book, OMG!!! Heh. So, I've not been commenting much due to lack of time on-line. I will catch up, I promise! 

ANYWAY I come bearing recs! Or one, anyway. Nightlife by Reginawren is a lovely little fic, with Vamp!Draco and Harry with a Captain Jack-type secret in the middle of a murder investigation. You know I love Auror-fic. Her Draco is lovely, really nicely done. Read it! It's nice and shortish and really enjoyable. And not too heavy on the vamp, for those of you who have squick.

I'm so jealous of Certain Members of My Flist who get to see Brideshead before me. Oh woe is me, it has an October release in the UK, so I shall have to *cough* locate a decent d/l *cough* just so I can lust after, sorry, admire Matthew Goode's, um, acting skills... until then, I shall have to rely on the lovely [info]omarandjohnny to keep posting the delicious pics.

Keep the porn coming, people. I know I can rely on you!

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Jul. 25th, 2008

11:13 pm - Randomness...

A random post of rambling.

1) I had my hair cut today! It was waist-length, thick blonde hair. Now, it skims my shoulders, has choppy layer things at chin length and a side parting. And I have blonder highlights! My head feels lighter! I never realised how heavy my hair was... I feel like a different woman. It's good.

2) Hello new friend [info]omarandjohnny !!! I like making new friends and you seem like fun.

3) I was pointed in the direction of some new icons by lovely [info]lilithilien. Look at my saucy witch! 

4) Dr Horrible. How good was that?! My new super sekrit crush is NPH.

5) Tom Felton at the London premiere of Batman. So cute and blond and lovely. With a Very Fetching Lady Friend. Lucky man indeed. She is quite lovely and so is he. Oh, and Batman! Just a brilliant film. Heath Ledger just OWNED this film. Brilliant performance by him. 

6) Over on LJ, my friend [info]blamebramptonhas posted a series of punctuation and grammar tutorials. She's brilliant, Brammers. I feel strongly that they should be required reading for many who post HP fic at 

7) Ummm.... 

OK. I've run out of randomness. I could tell you that my new, matt black handcuffs arrived in the mail this morning, which threw my husband slightly. I was like, "Um. Surprise?" He just rolled his eyes at me... this is why we've been married for 14 years. Lots of eye-rolling. But I am rambling now.  So I shall go and make coffee, possibly eat chocolate and hunt down something to read. 

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Jul. 19th, 2008


What a great idea Shelly! My Husband and I had THE MOST ENORMOUS FIGHT earlier tonight. I cried. We've made up now, but I felt it necessary to Drink The Wine. It's now Very Late Indeed and I am mostly drunk, although I did have a packet of crisps earlier.

How YOU doin'?

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Jul. 5th, 2008

06:50 pm - DR WHO!!!!!!


Spoilers )

So there you go. Squeeeeee!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!! I need to talk about this.....

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Jul. 4th, 2008

01:21 am - Brooding

A response to [info]lilithilien's drabble, inspired by the photo of brooding Draco, whom I want to lick.


It is quiet and dark in the alcove. This is where he comes to brood, to be alone when the pressure is too great, the burdens too heavy.

Potter. It's always Potter. No matter what he does, Potter is there, his very presence an irritation. Why does he let Potter get to him so? Why did he try to reach out to him? Draco should have known he would refuse his hand again. Why did he even bother?

He feels like a failure. He won't try again.


~ *~

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Jul. 3rd, 2008

11:31 pm - Look at the pretty!!!!

Have you seen those new HBP promos of Tom as Draco???


He's 21 now. I'm allowed to.

Link  is to Tom Felton Daily LJ Comm.

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Jun. 29th, 2008

11:20 pm - Another rec!

I don't know if any of you are reading the ASS Fest over on LJ, but I just read the most amazing fic, which was posted yesterday. It's called Snatched and I love it to bits. It's an anon fest, but I'm pretty sure I know the author of this little gem; if I'm right, then I stalk her already; if I'm wrong, then I have a shiny new author to stalk. Win-win situation!

What I love about this story is that the Albus/Scorpius relationship is not in-you-face; it's an awkward, natural, evolving relationship. The set-up is unique - Al as a TV news editor, Scorpius as a botanist, the Weasleys scarily en-masse, Kidnapped!James... It even has two of my favourite things - Auror!Harry and Auror!Draco, with just a tiny hint of H/D at the end - just enough to satisfy my Drarry-cravings. Even if AS/S is not your OTP or even not usually your cup of tea, please give this fic a go. It's 31,000 words, but I could have read more from this world easily.

You can find it here: Snatched .

In other news, I am still squeeing madly over Dr Who. Leaving me hanging like that. For this I pay my license fee???

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Jun. 28th, 2008

07:58 pm - Aaarrggghhh!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!



Thank you for your time.

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Jun. 27th, 2008

11:12 pm

Lovely [info]lilithilien asked if I had any more Beltane recs. The answer is, hell yes! There are, below the cut, several recs for your viewing pleasure, not just from HDS Beltane.

Look at the lovely stories... )
It's Saturday! Dr Who tonight!!!
I caught another trailer for it, and bugger me if I didn't catch a glimpse of Davros!!! Takes me right back to when I was 6, watching Dr Who with my Mum. Can't wait for tonight. Squeee!!!!!

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Jun. 22nd, 2008

02:40 pm - Well hello thar...

It's raining heavily, again. This depresses me, but on the plus side it gives me more time to read and talk. The children have gone with their dad to the Church Funday, which is being held indoors for the 6th consecutive year due to the weather. If I'm lucky they may bring me back cake...

I've read an awful lot of H/D this week. Lots of it good, some of it outstanding. Now, I'm not normally one for drabbles - they frustrate me. I always want MORE. So I'm surprised to find myself actually reccing one, even if it is by one of my favourite writers. Decline and Fall by blamebrampton was written for the Serpentlion Drabble mini-fest over on LJ. It's written from Ginny's POV; a Ginny who is so suspicious, so wary that she really doesn't need any evidence or help to poison her marriage. Beautiful.

My other rec is Bound Skerry by Frayach, with beautiful art by djinniyah. It's also short, but not one word is wasted. A Beltane fic, it really gets to the heart of the Draco/Harry relationship, which is essentially all about power. It's gorgeous.
"The sand on these islands works itself into every crack and crevice, clinging to the weave of a jumper and collecting in the bottoms of unused teacups in shut cupboards. Bemusedly, he watches as it pours from first one shoe and then the other. Every time he steps on the floor he’ll think of me. A grain of memory working itself into the flesh of his heart.

And thus the irritant becomes the pearl."  

Ooh, anyone see Dr Who last night?

Spoilery... )

I treated myself to a paid account this week. I've never bothered before, but I thought, why not? Now, I just need to find myself something pretty to customize it! 

ETA: This link for the fics should work - serpentlion!

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Jun. 16th, 2008

11:41 pm - Gosh, thanks...

So, it was my birthday yesterday and lordy, am I getting old. 

HOWEVER...(prefers not to think about age just now)...I would like to say thank you to all the lovely people who sent me birthday greetings, gifts and fics. You brightened my day no end, and I count myself truly lucky to have friends like you.


yes, I may have had a couple of glasses of wine. 

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May. 30th, 2008

10:14 pm - I aten't dead...

God, it's been ages since I last posted. RL has been a bit hectic, then when I have 5 minutes to myself I spend them reading. There's been so much good stuff to read lately, I don't know where to start. I've enjoyed reading the World Cup fics, for the most part. There were a few stunners and a few surprises when the reveals went up. One of my particular favourites was Breaking All The Rules, by [info]frayach. This was SO different from her usual stuff; fantastically written crack. The thought of Harry, Hermione et al being members of a swingers club had me in fits. And any fic which has Draco in pink knickers...well, that's fine by me. 

And there's more... )

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May. 4th, 2008

10:01 pm - What a day for a daydream...

I had things I needed to do today. There was a list involved. Yet today turned out to be a day of idleness. My fatal mistake was sitting down with my trusy laptop. So much to read! So much to comment on! My list kind of went out of the window.

I think I may be suffering from fest-overload. There are just so many happening right now; H/D worldcup, HDS Beltane, HD Inspired, Wankfest, Snarry Games... Just had to chuckle at [info]pushdragon today, with a list of fake-fests that I'd gladly read for the crack. There's a distinct lack of crack in fests, although they are providing me with probably more than my recommended daily dose of porn. So I'm not really complaining. Just sayin'. I do love the crack. Just don't get me started on the vegetable porn.

It rained and rained all day here. Boo.

Last night I watched the latest Dr Who.

More Tennant-love... )

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Apr. 27th, 2008

04:43 pm - The rain it raineth every day...

It's pouring down here. Again. That means I can't kick the kids out into the garden to play. Curses.

First things first. I has new icons! Thank you to the brilliant, wonderful Lilithilien for these. I love you, Lil. You are the best.

I'm up to date with my H/D Worldcup reading now. I've read 'em all, voted and in some cases actually commented! There've been some crackers this week, I've really enjoyed them all. My favourites, though, were from Teams EWE and Canon. They were Beneath Boundless Skies;, Of Geysers, Unexpected Rain and Icelandic Sheep; No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy and Still Life in Wood and Parchment. My personal favourite has to be Beneath Boundless Skies. The author painted such a vivid picture of Australia and Australians that I could almost see it. The dialogue is sparkling and witty, the writing elegant and spare. I found the evolution of the relationship between Harry and Draco to be very believable and the use of minor canon characters is brilliant. No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy is an interesting twist on the forced bond theme and an entertaining read. Of Geysers.... is a really nice story with a nicely written young Teddy Lupin and Still Life is a look at a past H/D relationship through old (and new!) letters. I really enjoyed them all.

Dr Who. Last night.

Why, Miss Jones! )

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